Cell Sorting Questionnaire

1. Will there be more than one cell sort?YesNo
If Yes, how many?

Are you interested in sorting into plates?YesNo
If yes, how many plates? How many wells?
Single-Cell sorting?YesNo

2. What types of cells are you bringing?
Are these adherent or suspension cells?
What fluorescent probes will you be using?
3. What is the cell concentration of your samples? Samples should be at a minimum concentration of 5 x 10 to the 6 cells/ml.
x 10 to the cells/ml
4. What is the total number of cells per sample you are bringing?
x 10 to the cells/ml
5. How many cells are you expecting to have returned?
x 10 to the cells/ml
6. What size are the cells in the population you want to collect?
7. What will you use as a negative control?
8. Is this a dual label experiment?YesNo
If so, do you have single color controls for compensation?YesNo

Also please be aware of the following:

  • Resuspend and deliver your cells in PBS + 2% FBS
  • If you are aware that your cells have the tendency to clump, please filter your samples for aggregates or debris with a 40-45 micron mesh filter. Keep in mind that filtration of your cells will tend to decrease your cell number, so make sure you begin with adequate cell numbers. 50-µm Nitex Nylon Mesh (Genesee Scientific Cat #57-106) or 40-µm cell strainer cap (BD Falcon Cat #352340). Keeping cells suspended in 1-5% BSA/media or EDTA (0.02%) can also help.
  • Provide samples in 5 ml Falcon 12 x 75 polystyrene tubes (BD Labware Cat # 352054).
  • Provide the appropriate culture media for collection of your sorted cells.
  • If your schedule will delay your arrival for more than 15 minutes, please give us a call.

Thank you for your attention to this information. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.