CytoLogistics — formerly known as Cytometry Research LLC (established in 2000 to provide flow cytometry services) — has expanded to fulfill more encompassing Life Science and Preclinical Research needs.  CytoLogistics provides research and drug development services:  custom conjugations, cell-based assays, compound screening, and flow cytometry (sorting and analysis).

CytoLogistics has a scientific staff with expertise to provide a wide range of services:

  • Custom conjugations (ADC, biotinylation, fluorescent tag, protein-protein, etc.)
  • In vitro cell–based assays (cytotoxicity, proliferation, compound/drug screening)
  • Flow Cytometry (Design, Analysis, Sorting)
  • Immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry
  • In vitro laboratory services (cell culture, cell staining/preparation)
  • Cell analysis and protein characterization (SDS-PAGE, Immunoblotting, ELISA, BCA, HPLC).
  • Basic research (biochemistry, molecular biology)

Preclinical research often requires a higher level of service than other programs. To meet this need, CytoLogistics has GLP processes in place to ensure consistently reliable results, a quality assurance program to provide independent confirmation of procedures and results, and full documentation samples, data, and testing results provided with each service.

So, whether your laboratory needs extra hands for cell culture and basic research or you need professionally-designed and executed cell services, CytoLogistics delivers encompassing service and fluidity.

Contact us to set up a flow cytometry appointment, or discuss your next research project.