If you’re looking for a purified and verified conjugation, let the experts at CytoLogistics help you. 

Here’s what you get with a CytoLogistics Custom Biotinylation:

  • Removal of unbound biotin & protein
  • Ratio of moles biotin/moles of protein given
  • Concentration verified by BCA
  • Discuss options available for your protein
  • $525 to biotinylate 1-5 mg of material

Data sheets accompany all biotinylations and include:

  • Protein concentration verified via BSA
  • Average chemical ratio of moles of biotin to moles of protein
  • Average effective molecular weight

*All discussions and services can be covered with a confidentiality agreement.


Proteins come in all shapes and sizes and don’t always contain a ready-to-conjugate binding site. This and other variables can cause you to look toward one-step kits, often leaving you with un-purified and un-verified conjugate. Let experts in the field help provide you with the most effective conjugate while retaining the functionality of each of the components. Contact us now to get started discussing the strategy that best meets your needs.