Getting Started

  • A surface marker, unique to your cells of interest
  • A molecule, such as an antibody or a ligand, that binds to that marker.
  • Your targeting agent is conjugated to Saporin, a highly active and potent ribosome-inactivating protein.

Pricing will vary depending on your project.  Contact us to request a quote*.

  • As an example, our most common Saporin custom conjugation scale includes you providing us with 8-15 mg of antibody you wish to have conjugated to Saporin. The price for this scale is $4500 USD per conjugation. We will return to you an average yield of 3-5 mg of purified conjugate in 1-2 weeks time.

Screening Targeting Agents

Use a Secondary Conjugate to test your antibody as a targeting reagent.

  • We recommend that you try one of the Advanced Targeting ZAP secondary conjugate products with your antibody before having a custom conjugation performed. ZAP conjugates allow you to use a secondary agent conjugated to Saporin that “piggybacks” on your antibody and makes a targeted toxin for use in vitro or in vivo to test specificity and internalization of your antibody. 

*All discussions and services can be covered with a confidentiality agreement.

Saporin Conjugations

Targeted SAP conjugates are powerful and specific lesioning agents used in the technique known as Molecular Surgery. The ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin (from the seeds of the plant, Saponaria officinalis) is bound to a targeting agent (anything that is recognized on the cell surface and internalized). The targeted conjugate is administered to cells (in vitro or in vivo). The targeting agent seeks out and binds to its target on the cell surface. The conjugate is internalized, saporin breaks away from the targeting agent, and inactivates the ribosomes which causes protein inhibition and, ultimately, cell death. Cells that do not have the cell surface marker are not affected.