Screen your antibodies and compounds for internalization.
Four levels of service available:

1-5 cell lines ………. $1800 per cell line
Up to 6 compounds at 1 dose / 1 time-point, 2 controls
– or – 1 compound at 6 doses / 1 time-point, 2 controls

15 cell lines ………. $16,150
30 cell lines ………. $27,000
60 cell lines ………. $45,600

How does it work?

CytoLogistics has partnered with Advanced Targeting Systems, Inc. to use the pHast and ZAP product line to allow a large number of targeting agents to be screened quickly and cost-efficiently for specificity, functional binding, internalization, and EC50 determination.  The wide selection of these secondary conjugates identified by the ZAP moniker provide ideal tools for screening potential targeting agents.  They are constructed using either species-specific polyclonal anti-IgG antibodies, or streptavidin (for use with biotinylated targeting agents), that are chemically attached to Saporin, the most potent of the plant ribosome-inactivating proteins, or cross-linked to a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter.  This fluorescent reporter increases intensity as the pH of its surroundings becomes more acidic, as evident when exposed to the environment inside a cell.

ZAP Technology

Cell death upon internalization

pHast Technology

Cell fluorescent upon internalization